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NKN Members Disount:

Downtown: 20% off

XianLin: Free Dessert if you spend at least 50rmb

For those who don't know, Craft Beer is a hidden treasure behind Nan Da, conveniently located just off Shanghai Lu as well. Part of an emerging trend in the Chinese market for venues that serve proper, Western-style microbrews, the beer here is varied, cheap, and usually quite potent! A wide range of lagers, IPAs, specialty brews, and much more are all available, and with a 20% discount for all NKN members this might just become your new favorite spot in town.

Downtown Address:
Nan xiu cun 20, off Shanghai lu
Tel 18651689866

XianLin Address:
Xueheng Rd 13, next to HPC Cake Coffee
Tel 18651689866

Opening hours:
Downtown: 5pm – 2am
XianLin: 3pm - 1am
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