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Apple Draft Moonshine 40RMB (usually 60RMB)
Happy Hour extended to 11pm (usually 8pm)


Jimmy's is the place to be for food, drinks, and sports showing live and recorded matches. Here is served American style pizza, BBQ steaks, burgers, hotdogs, tacos, and much more. A good variety of beers on tap, even bigger selection of bottled beers and ciders plus a selection of more than 50 different kinds of single malt whiskies and bourbons. Jimmy's is the only place in Nanjing that offers quality slushies. Slushies are frozen mixed drinks that contain at least a double of alcohol in every glass. As you can see by the pictures, the colors and flavors will differ from day to day. From mojito to watermelon to LIT to Jack & Coke Slushie Flavors. Many people go to Jimmy's for dinner (happy hours from 4pm till 8pm), have a few drinks, watch a game or two on their 6 TVs airing almost any sport you can think of, and relax until late into the night, making it a great place to just hang out and meet people. Delivery service is available everyday from 4 till midnight. Check for updated food and drink specials.

193 Shigu Road, Block of Gourmet Food & Leisure, Sunglow Bay
Tel 025-8679 2599

Opening hours:
Sun - Thurs: Kitchen 4pm till 1am | Bar 4pm - Last Call 2am
Fri – Sat: Kitchen 4pm till 1am | Bar 4pm - Last Call 3am
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