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For those who remember it, the original Medi location in Nan Da XiYuan was a favorite hangout for all sorts of students and locals alike, specializing in a warm vibe and unique European-style cuisine and drinks. The new Medi, conveniently located across 1912 next to Talking 7 and Santorini, follows the Mediterranean theme of the original, complete with Spanish chef and traditional imported French Absinthe. Their extensive menu for both food and drink is quite impressive and reasonably priced, with a good range of tasty pizzas, pastas, and all manner of unique cocktails and shooters.

No. 8 Shi Po Po An (Opposite to 1912, next to Talking 7 and UME cinema)
玄武区石婆婆庵8号1栋101 (1912街区对面)
Tel 025-83600569

Opening hours:
11am - 2am
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