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NKN Member Deals:

*Upgrade small Americano to large for free (breakfast deal not included)

*10% off Pizzas

NKN members are in for a breakfast treat! Momentum Bagel has joined the NKN family and is offering a steep breakfast discount exclusively to NKN members. In case you’ve just arrived in Nanjing (Everyone knows Mo-B!), Momentum Bagel is nestled between Talking 2 and 3 opposite Nanjing University’s International dormitories on 158 Shanghai Lu, where there is constant stream of friendly foreign faces creating the ambience of being transported to the sidewalk of an international city. The bagels solidify the illusion by bringing a fresh, crisp and authentic taste at a reasonable price. It’s not just about the delicious bagels or the wide range of fresh sandwich options they provide, it’s also about experiencing Nanjing in a whole new way.

158 Shanghai Road, Jinyin Street. Unit 106 (next to Talking 3)
上海路158号, 金银街106号 (旁边Talking 3)
Tel 186 5169 9613

Opening hours:
7.30am – 11pm
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