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Shang Yue is a hip bistro-style Chinese restaurant bringing together the fresh flavours of Cantonese cuisine in a modern loft style environment. Shang Yue presents a contemporary bistro concept through notable regional cuisine, approachable friendly service, value and ambience. The restaurant has a main dining hall that accommodates 104 diners and three private dining rooms that seat a total of 32 guests. Included in the menu is a wide selection of Cantonese roast meats, nourishing double-boiled soups and seafood prepared in various styles. Diners can also savour innovative desserts including Australian Toast, and Green Tea Pudding. The beverage selection at Shang Yue offers a selection of fruit Juices, and smoothies only made with the freshest ingredients as well as specialities such as the homemade Cantonese Milk tea. A selection of premium Chinese tea will also be available to order.

214-16 Jiqing Men Da Jie
Tel 025-5265 9118 / 025-5870 9118 or 13372006262 for english service

Opening hours:
10am - 9.30pm
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